Probador de doblez horizontal de papel


Cantidad Minima: 1


The tester conforms to the standards of GB/457-1989《paper folding endurance test method》、ISO5626-1978、GB/T1538-1979 etc. It used to test the folding endurance of paper, cardboard and other sheet flexible material. It adopts the technology of SCM, photo-electricity and folding clamp restores automatically. LCD displays with advanced framework and easy to operate.

Technical characters:
1.Measuring thickness:   DRK111B  0-0.25mm ; DRK111C:0.25-1.40mm
2.Folding clamp thickness: DRK111B  0.5±0.05mm ; DRK111C:1mm
3.Specimen endurance:  DRK111B 7.55±0.10N;(first tension) DRK111C:9.81±0.10N
                           9.81±0.10N    12.75(maximum tension)
4.Clamp distance:DRK111B  90±0.5mm; DRK111C:130mm
5.Folding roller diameter:6mm
6.Folding roller distance:0.30mm
7.Speed of to-and-fro:110±10 times/min
8 .Counting rang:0-9999 times
9.Power:220v±10% 50Hz  80w
10.Weight: 35Kg
11.Dimension:520 mm x480 mm x290mm